Concentric circles - Project 2 Belgrad 2002

Koncentricni krugovi - Projekat 2

For the first international open-air exhibition since the bombing of Belgrade, Antoon Versteegde placed, with the help of young people citizens of Belgrade, two huge bamboo circles. In this way he created a multicultural land art project to enable direct exchange of artistic experience between countries with different history and development of land art movements. The bamboo constructions became 12 meter of height and were placed at both sides of the Ada Ciganija Lake opposite of each other. The streaming water forms a natural boundary and the reflection in the water doubles the opposed circle and inspires human fantasies. The bamboo constructions got a textile target in the middle, specially made in a factory for parachutes. The target figures as a sing present in Serbian recent history but also points towards an interactive communication between those who are involved. Terrible things happened over the last ten years and all survivors have bad memories nowadays, but life goes on and we have to communicate and making art and fun again. Asking ordinary people to help him Antoon Versteegde build the wheels on the city beach to face recreating and swimming people with sign of target, not liked amongst local people, but through art maybe overpass.