The Best 50m2 in Beijing


Dutch Design & Beijing Design Week 2017 - Looking at the bigger picture

During the Beijing Design Week 2017 a broad range of Dutch design is featured throughout different locations in China’s capital. These Dutch projects show that Dutch design never stands alone; it is driven by inclusivity, cross-fertilization, integration and looking at the bigger picture.

The Best 50m2

In a world where a desk job is common, where we maintain relations mostly digitally, we purchase everything online, and decide whom to date by swiping left or right, the connection with the physical space can be questioned and desired. That physical space sometimes transforms into something bigger, faster, stronger above imagination. But gated communities, office buildings with entrance cards, closing times, and commercial interests limit the movements of the urban population. What’s still left of our public space? And is the public space well equipped for public offline interaction? How would outstanding public space look like? What would its function be? Should it make people think, entertain, or inspire? Should it light up the senses, or simply make us smile?

In this one-day workshop we search for ideas and answers to these questions. Chinese and Dutch creatives will develop ideas for the best 50 square meters’ public space in town. Bram Versteegde will guide a group of workshop participants to literally develop 50 meters of public space into something beneficial for the public.

Organizer: About Asia

Date: 30 September – 6 October

Venue: Public space outside A19 Gearing Space 751D·PARK

An open discussion about our urban public space