Bamboo Tripod Tower, Wuhan


Bamboo Tripod Tower is a participatory public art project which is made up of 14 separate layers made of bamboo sticks of 6 feet length. Once stacked, they reach a top of 21 meters high. It is build and erected in just one day with the help of dozens of volunteers, led by a Dutch artist of the Versteegde family.

In the early 80’s Antoon Versteegde found his artistic freedom outside established institutes and exhibition spaces, in public locations with free access for everyone. He conceives life-sized constructions, which he designs as transient outdoor installations that he builds with lightweight materials such as bamboo, flags, rope and rubber bands.

In this way he gained ample experience with large-scale interactive projects that have proven to be highly successful to realize huge sculptures in a short time, working with groups of artists and volunteers. The self-developed construction technique in which bamboo sticks are tied to each other with rubber elastics, is easily passed on to people who want to co-operate spontaneously. The Versteegde’s gained global recognition with international projects in various countries across Europe and beyond, including the United States, Cuba, Canada, Indonesia and China.



Bamboo Tripod Tower, Dutch Days in Wuhan 2017